"Nice Coat!"

Rufus Sewell as Will Ladislaw in MIDDLEMARCH

“Nice coat!” — Rachel Murphy

The Clanese Dictionary entry—”Nice coat!”—also deserves its own place as a category.

Here’s how it started:

Some Clan members were watching the wonderful 1994 BBC adaptation of George Eliot’s Middlemarch, starring (among other greats) the yummy Rufus Sewell (Aka “Rufie” to Clan Murphy) as Will Ladislaw. In one of Rufie’s early scenes, he comes striding across the Casaubon greensward, hair blowing in the wind like a Romantic hero, and dressed in a gorgeous wine-red coat.

The Clan ladies swooned.

“Nice coat!” quoth Rachel.


So here are our posts on all those beautiful, um, coats out there. (For the guys out there demanding a corresponding Clan list of Feminine Pulchritude, see Age Cannot Wither Her.)

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