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Best of Battlestar Galactica – Bill Adama Boozing

For fans of the cult sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica, Liam and I have put together a little compilation of the “best of” Admiral William Adama (played by the wonderful, craggy-faced Edward James Olmos — his face is a timeworn monument). We noticed a recurring motif in the show — that hard-drinking man’s man Bill Adama had a propensity for saying profound things followed by a swig of whiskey. Often accompanied by his gimlet-eyed XO, the salty Saul Tigh (an equally wonderful Michael Hogan). We couldn’t resist the impulse to put those memorable (though maybe not remembered the next day) moments
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Pinscape – Letropa (2012)

Here’s a music video I directed for Portland-based electronic shoegaze outfit, Pinscape. Inspired by Clan Murphy fave, Picnic at Hanging Rock, the video emulates the atmospheric ambience and cavernous reverb of the single, Letropa. Check out Pinscape’s 7-track EP, Transitory Timing, for some moody electronic dreampop. Here’s the Letropa vid, shot in the Rogue Valley, featuring Andi Linden. Enjoy!
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